Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat (Jennifer Morrison)

The best friend of Star-Lord and adopted daughter of Yondu. They eventually marry each other before Infinity War.

Lucy Rogers, nee Jones

A childhood friend / wife of Steve Rogers and friend of Bucky Barnes. She and her husband were given the SSS, making Kat a little bit more muscular and stronger from her health condition, asthma. Based on Cathy Webster/Free Spirit from the originals. After gaining the same serum, she became known as Lady America.

Clea Strange (lana Parrilla)

The niece of Dormannu and going through a divorce with Stephen Strange. However, after saving the universe, the two of them fell in love again. Based on Clea from the same comics.

Victoria (Mekia Cox) - The half-sister of Star-Lord and also girlfriend of Gamora. Partner of Lylla.

Lylla (Voiced by Debbie Ryan) - Girlfriend of Rocket.

Teresa Parker/Spider-Woman (Victoria Justice)- Spider-Man's sister.

Ruth Lang AKA Ant-Woman (Emilie de Ravin) - Sister of Ant-Man.

Elsa (Keira Knightley), Thor's primary love interest in Ragnarok. Former fiancée. She and Thor rekindle their relationship after both of them fall on top of the other.

Villains Oc

The Enchantress/Amora (Rebecca Mader): Former lover of Thor. She tried killing half of Asgard, but was imprisoned and partnered herself with Hela. Was killed when Asgard was destroyed.

Nadia Pym/Red Queen (Taylor Swift) - It's revealed in The Ants and the Wasp that she is Hope's younger sister.She ran away from home when her mother was lost to the Quantum Realm and was adopted by Bill Foster, taking up the name Red Queen and partner to Ghost (aka Ava Starr) However, when her mother returns, Nadia reconciles with her sister, father and mother.

Minor OCs

Sigyn, Skadi, and Balder - OCs from Thor

Sarah Bolger – Skadi – Thor and Loki’s cousin. She has frost Abilities

Adelaide Kane – Sigyn – Loki’s Widow who has his baby at the end. However, after he is killed by THanos, Sigyn is left to have the child by herself.

Andrew J. West – Balder – Loki and Thor’s secret brother

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